I encourage you to work small and quickly to capture the spirit and sense of place in the glowing morning. Learning to paint what you see is the beginning. The intricacies of edges and brushwork lead the viewer’s eye through the composition as punctuations in paint evoking emotion, poetry, and magic in your painting. Contrast is the key to expressing the light effect. As you hone your awareness of color contrasting value and temperature, you will bring brilliance and presence into your paintings!

Through November

Meet on location every week to paint en plain air and catch the low morning light.

  • At 8 I will demonstrate, and you may watch or paint along.

  • Until 11:30 I will offer individual instruction at your easel. We may share our work while snacking as a break. You may stay and paint as long as you like.


All locations will include water views with free parking.

I will send an email with class location info by Thursday to those on the list...so sign up below!


We will optionally meet in my studio during inclement weather

Most rainy days I offer class in my studio in lieu of outdoor, and may include any of the following topics:

  • Curriculum from my “color matching” course

  • Color theory of light on the landscape

  • Light source direction and time of day effects

  • Fresh oysters on the half shell or other still life subjects designed to "paint the light"


When you enroll in several classes, attendance need not be consecutive

  • Drop-in rate is $35

  • Enroll in 4 sessions or more for $30 per session and all following sessions

Cash and checks are also welcome.

What's Included?

This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience painting en plein air alongside others with guidance from a local expert. 

Subjects will include: water views, boats, flowers & people in the landscape

  • 1 hour demonstration

  • Individual instruction

  • Tips and insights from Rosalie's years of local plein air painting experience

  • Membership in an online Facebook community specifically for Plein Air Sundays students

Registration & Email List

  • Drop-ins are welcome

  • No commitment required

  • Even if you're not sure about attendance, please fill out the registration form on this page and click "submit" so that...

    • You'll be added to the list for location notifications

    • You receive access to my recommended supplies list

    • You receive access to the group Facebook page