Let Radiant Light into Your ArtWork

Come paint in my studio Sundays when the weather is raining.


                                                                                           Steamed   24 x 30   Oil on Canvas

Only room for 9, so I need to know when you will participate

I will send a notification by email to those on the list...so sign up below!

  • I will paint along with you beginning at 8:o00. Paint with Pastels or Oils.
  • I will offer individual instruction as well from 8:00-11:30
  • Initially, we will paint still life and charts to bring vibrant color into our paintings

Learning to paint what you see is the beginning. The intricacies of edges and brushwork lead the viewer’s eye through the composition as punctuations in paint evoking emotion, poetry, and magic in your painting. Contrast is the key to expressing the light effect. As you hone your awareness of color contrasting value and temperature, you will bring brilliance and presence into your paintings!


When you enroll in several classes, attendance need not be consecutive

  • Drop-in rate is $35 (advanced commitment still required to save your space)
  • Enroll in 4 sessions or more for $30 per session and all following sessions

Registration & Email List

  • A commitment by the week is required as studio space is limited
  • Even if you're not sure about attendance, please fill out the registration form on this page and click "submit" so that...
    • You'll be added to the list for Saturday notifications
    • You receive access to the group Facebook page

Recommended Supplies List


In my studio:

Payment applies to Plein Air Sundays as well

Cash and checks are also welcome.